About Anthony A. Altomare

I have been working to create unique visuals, sets and concepts for photography, motion pictures and visual essays since 2006. Through the years I have had the opportunity to hone my skills through a unique set of projects with some very creative and passionate people. With these experiences, I am able to lend my services to any production, no matter the size, to help create worlds filed with depth and meaning.  Whether I am helming the build of these worlds, or overseeing the creative direction, I am prepared for any unique challenge that these jobs may present.  Bring me your challenges.

Select Clients

Art Streiber
Emily Roth
F. Scott Schafer
Rainer Hosch
Dana Neibert
Smallz + Raskind
Sunny 16 Productions
Paige Dorian Productions
Sandro Baebler
Craig Cutler
Von Swank
Joseph Shin

GQ Magazine
Vanity Fair
Men’s Health
Warner Brothers
ESPN Magazine
Pernod Ricard
Dreyer’s Ice Cream
Miller Brewing Company
Progressive Insurance
The Hollywood Reporter
Dave Hill


Anthony A. Altomare

(413) 531-3310