Revamp Your Online Presence

In a world where face-to-face meetings may not be an option, a live-streaming studio space can elevate your business to the next level. Buffalo Art Co. can create a space that keeps you connected to your clients and your business moving forward.

Working with Buffalo Art Co., you can reform your online presence and build a studio space that is geared towards live-streaming, online meetings, and one that brings your business into the “new normal”. Let us help you move forward to be able to communicate virtually and connect with your clients in a new world.

Custom Backgrounds

From high-end wood veneer, to industrial metal, solid colors or reclaimed wood, Buffalo Art Co can create a custom look that fits any space, any style and any budget.

Custom Audio Panels

Our custom built audio panels can transform any space into an acoustically viable recording studio, made for communication.  A variety of materials can be used to fit your aesthetic needs, from industrial foam to a variety of decorative fabrics.


Built For Your Needs

Over these past few months, we’ve seen many businesses transition to the changing environment with live broadcasts to stay connected. Online classrooms, seminars, and workout classes have been a great way to stay engaged and help retain memberships.  The in-person things we have taken for granted, like large group gatherings for casting sessions or production meetings, may not be an option in the future.

Adapting your space for an online presence can be tricky and time-consuming.  With the help of Buffalo Art Co, it doesn’t have to be.  If your company needs to communicate with large groups, individuals, or anything in between we can elevate your message by upgrading your space.  Engage your audience with an interactive online experience that is customized to take your message to the next level.

From set dressing to backgrounds, custom furniture to creating the perfect studio out of any space, Buffalo Art Co is ready to work quickly, efficiently and safely.  Contact us today for a consultation or a quote.

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